Amy Ten Napel

Amy Ten Napel is the founder of Ability Central. She has worked in the area of special education for over 25 years and knows there is a lack of meaningful opportunities for students with disabilities after they graduate from high school. She has some ideas about Ability Central but knows God has a bigger plan. His grace and provision has made Ability Central a reality and whatever it becomes is because He has made a way. Commands given to us in the bible in John 15:12, Psalm 90:17, and Matthew 25:40 are the reason we exist. She would love to tell you more about our mission and how you can be involved!

Russell Watley

Russell Watley is an amazing asset to Ability Central who has worked with us since 2019. He is patient and competent in helping others master skills and achieve goals. His unending encouragement motivates others to keep trying even when it’s hard. The joy he shares in celebrating these achievements is a blessing to us all! He is an encourager and faithful friend. We are grateful for his dedication and willingness to do whatever is needed to keep our day-to-day operations running smoothly.

Honey Staudenmier

Honey Staudenmier is a firecracker that keeps us on our toes while laughing! She is so encouraging and makes us all feel like we can reach the stars if we just try. She has a background in missions and ministry and feels that Ability Central is an extension of that calling. She’s a crazy good cook and creator of The Works! seasoning blend. Stay tuned for more of her unbelievably delicious additions to our product line.

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